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Hi everyone. Just took delivery of my new 2520 and JD 62" MMM. All in all a great setup.

I have a couple queries about the lighting...

1. Behind the seat there's a loom which has the wires for the indicators as well as a couple of spare wires. Could I be lucky enough that they already wire it for work lights - and all I need to do is plug some actual lights into these spares?

2. On the lighting switch on the dash, the third position from the left turns the headlamps on (which is pretty straight forward) but the fourth selection from the left (the last one) the headlights stay on, but the parking lights and the hazard lights mounted on the ROPS also come on. Any idea why this is?

Would be great if anyone has any additional information at all (probably have to buy myself a technical manual...).

Thanks in advance.
1 JDs light kits plug right in, the tractors are pre wired :thumbup1gif:

2 The last position is to have all the lights on without the hazards, as there is no need for them for feild work. :dunno:
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