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New 2520

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My new 2520 is finally in and I can't wait topic it up tomorrow. I am trading in my 2006 that has been great. Is there any special things that I need to do to break in my new one ?
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Congratulations on your new tractor Allgreen. Be a good idea to go over all the bolts on the FELs mounting hardware, check the wheel lug nuts, check the air in the tires and all fluid levels and then give it a grease job so you learn where the zerks are and if there are any hard ones that may require you to buy a needle type tip. Good luck and besafe on your new tractor.:good2:
Another thing, as you will undoubtly wash your new tractor everytime you get done using it make sure you give the return springs a shot of oil to keep them from rusting away. I have always did it to mine and haven't had to replace one spring in all these years.
Where are these on a 2520?

make sure you give the return springs a shot of oil to keep them from rusting away
That is good news. Be sure to keep us up to date on our mods. Tackit has given you a good head start with his advise. Happy tractoring.
Your 2006 is a 2520 also? Why the change?

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Made the trade mostly because the price was really right with all the rebates etc. And I purchased my first tractor used so I have always wanted a new one that I can put my own scratches in. I stayed with the 2520 because this is the perfect tractor for me. Thanks for all the info.
We also will be taking delivery of a 2520 soon and I was curious as to best way to break in the motor. I know with new vehicles, they say not to run at the same speed or rpm. I will assume it would be the same for this diesel. I recoginze it shouldn't be let to idle for more than a few minutes but I also remember a quote "run it like you stole it".

Any insight would be appreciated.
Personally, I jumped on it and started using it after reading the manual. The manual makes no reference to any breakin operation. Todays manufacturing tolerances are so much better to day that I don't think the old requirements apply in tractors or cars. I do know the machine is delivered with breakin oil in it though. Check out the on line manual at JD website.
glc I'm not familiar with your tractor but when you're under the tractor greasing it look for them. Check the seat's adjustment hardware for springs and when the seat is tilted forward look down on both sides of the transmission. Hope this helps... :)
Where are these on a 2520?

Congrats to both of you on the new tractor. The dealer told me to "run it like I was going to use it and the change the break-in oil after 50 hours." If your tractor has a HST, the dealer said to run the RPMs up to at least 1200 anytime I was moving. He recommended before shutting off to lower the RPMs to 1000 and let it idle for "two or three" minutes before complete shut down.

So far so good.
I also remember a quote "run it like you stole it".
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