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New 455 owner/member from Massachusetts

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Hello all,

Just picked up a super clean, low hour 455 with a 54" deck. Looking forward to spring when I can get some seat-time. Till then, I plan to spend some time detailing the tractor and ordering some goodies for it. Looks like there is a wealth of information here and an active group of members. :thumbup1gif:

Does anybody know where I can get replacement idler/pulley covers for my deck? The mounting tabs for the (metal) covers are they make these covers in plastic?

Best Regards,

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Congratulation on your new purchase.
Now that that's over, we need proof (pictures will do) that you have said tractor.:lol:
Hi Tom, Welcome to the fun!

It would seem that the pulley covers are still available from Deere. :thumbup1gif: Here is the parts diagram.

RH Cover = M133392 - $35.88
LH Cover = M133393 - $47.60

I think plastic is a long shot. And I am with Gizmo, let's see your machine.


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Welcome, and congrats on your purchase. You will be amazed what parts are still available directly from Deere for your machine. I have had little to no problems getting parts for my 22 year old 332.

:cheers: Any pictures of your new (to you) tractor?
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