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new 48" king kutter tiller arrived today

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I ordered a new 48" professional king kutter tiller from McGee equipment and got it today. I was very sceptical when I got it on how it would till. After set up and a lot of wondering I took it to my neighbors field with very hard and rocky ground, and after about 5passes (of course staggering each pass) I got it tilling 8-10in. deep, and would have went deeper if I would have kept going over it. Bruce at McGee Equipment Barn was the greatest to work with. He took the time to answer any questions I had at any time. It was the best customer service and the nicest people I have ever worked with.

Now back to the tiller, don't under estimate king kutter tillers compared to John deere (believe me I bleed green and yellow,and have used my neighbors 647 tiller) so far I really like mine, cant wait to really work it. SORRY YA'LL just my opinion.


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Nice looking tiller, congrats! I have a Deere 681 tiller that I use behind the 5410 and will now be able to use behind the 110. Haven't had much use as of late, but I hope to change that. Has been a good tiller, but I have no doubt that is a great tiller as well.
Thanks Martian, I have a few things around the house to till and a few gardens to till. But I would like to find a couple more jobs to use it on.
Nice setup...

That tiller looks pretty heavy duty if you ask me. and with that size tractor it should have no problem tilling hard ground and making it nice to plant in.
Thanks jfoi, I took it in my neighbors bean field to play around with it when I first got it. The ground was hard clay, rocky, and packed down pretty good. After 4 or 5 passes, just trying to get used to it, I got it tilling about 10" deep and probably could got a little more if I took more time with it. By the time I was done the dirt looked like powder. Looking at my neighbors 647 compaired to my king cutter, mine looks a lot bigger and made of thicker steel than his. I will post pictures of them side by side when he gets his out.
That is an nice looking tiller keep us informed how it works out.:thumbup1gif: I think most everyone who has used the King Kutter tillers like them and suspect they are the best deal for the money. Glad to hear they also have the proffessional tillers, have to remember that.

I was considering buying a new tiller for my x749 but decided to try out my Howard HR4 60" tiller that I used with the older 820. Got it setup and converted to IMatch setup the clutch and tried it out.
Works pretty well for a 4 tine tiller and was a good match for the GT. I doubt it will till over 6 inches deep but since I already had it it was like found money. Still have the 673 tiller for the larger stuff.

If I had it to do over again I would have bought the 681 instead of the 673, would cover the ground a little faster. Ideally I would like a 48" and the 80" tillers for my work.
Finally got to put my tiller to use. It did a great job tilling all kinds of ground from virgin ground to established gardens turning them into nice fine dirt. In virgin ground it was heavy enough to stay in the ground and not jump around. It is a offset tiller so when you go over the garden for the second time the skid on the short side of the tiller runs on your tire track and doesnt go as deep as the right side. The right side runs in the loose dirt and gets down pretty deep. I made my own stands to bolt on the frame on the front and back with wheels on them so I can move it around and not have to use the tractor. The only thing that I dont care for is that when the tiller is in the fully raised position and down very low, basically when the pto is in extreme angles, while the pto is engaged it starts to get a vibration. So I am going to have a pto shaft made with cv joints or whatever the dealer thinks would be best for my situation. Other than those two minor issues I think it is a great tiller for the money.
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I think there is a thread on here about balancing PTO shafts, maybe somebody knows where and will post the link, as far as the one side not going as deep, couldn't you raise the skid shoe on that side to make it dig a little harder and deeper?:unknown:
Just my mind running a muck!!!:drinks:
The skid shoes on both sides are as high as they will go. I don't have a clue on how to fix it, I will just have to keep messing with it I guess.
Info on PTO vibration

Here's the information on PTO shafts which may be helpful for your vibration problem.

Good luck.
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The tiller looks great...enjoy! :good2:
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