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That is an nice looking tiller keep us informed how it works out.:thumbup1gif: I think most everyone who has used the King Kutter tillers like them and suspect they are the best deal for the money. Glad to hear they also have the proffessional tillers, have to remember that.

I was considering buying a new tiller for my x749 but decided to try out my Howard HR4 60" tiller that I used with the older 820. Got it setup and converted to IMatch setup the clutch and tried it out.
Works pretty well for a 4 tine tiller and was a good match for the GT. I doubt it will till over 6 inches deep but since I already had it it was like found money. Still have the 673 tiller for the larger stuff.

If I had it to do over again I would have bought the 681 instead of the 673, would cover the ground a little faster. Ideally I would like a 48" and the 80" tillers for my work.
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