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I recently saw the option for 4M eThrottle and MotionMatch Software show up in the JD Build Configurator.

The description says:
“4M eThrottle and MotionMatch Software
Option Code : TA17322
  • Software kit adds eThrottle and changes the MotionMatch settings for applications requiring lengthened acceleration and deacceleration responses from HST pedal inputs
    See Installation Instructions before use of this software for full information and safety information”
I know my 4M has a version of MotionMatch and LoadMatch build into the display called “coast”, but I would really like the eThrottle option. Does anyone have information if this software option can be installed on older models to gain eThrottle on 4M models? I am assuming it is controlled through the display instead of the 4R style cruise control module panel that is now even included on the 4M Heavy Duty.

Any information would be appreciated as my dealer is completely incompetent about these tractors with even the parts guy arguing with me a few weeks ago that 4M models only came in Power Reverser and it was impossible I had a 4M with eHydro. smh
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