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New 54 quick hitch plow now I just need snow!

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I have been using a walk behind blower and thought it was time to start using the tractor year round so I picked up a 54 quick hitch plow, weight bracket and 6 suit case weighs. Also added chains a the JD squeegee kit for the blade. Just need some snow so I cane use it.


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The orange knob on the floorboard is the rear diff. lock pedal.
Thanks CP! It's snowing now so I'll get to try it out tonight!:yahoo:
Here are a couple pics after the first time out. We only got a couple inches but it was sure fun!


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Thanks! The driveway is not that big. I have a 3 acre lot but it's long and narrow. I would guess the drive is about 120' long and it start's at about 30' wide and ends 46' wide. and there is a 24x30 turn around.

BTW it's snowing like a son of a gun here we've got 3" so far this morning and they are calling for another 2-3" this afternoon. So I'll get to play again tonight!!!
Hopefully it keeps heading east! We got 2" on Fri and 4-5" on Sat. Then the wind came after and blew it all over. So I did get three day's in a row with some seat time!
BTW I sure don't miss the walk behind!
Thank you! The 3rd stall on the garage is nice I can keep my 10' utility trailer in there and still have room to have the tractor in front of it ready to head out the door.
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