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New Adventure - New forum - We hope you can join us at Workshop

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We would like to thank you for your participation in our forum at Green Tractor Talk. It is so nice to be able to interact with such great people everyday. Being able to host this experience for everyone has been a pleasure and it really makes us want to do more.

For some time we have talked about another forum that expands on the group that we have. Many of us have hobbies outside tractors or we do other things to support our tractor habits. With that in mind, we created Workshop Addict. A place for everyone to discuss woodworking, metal fabrication, barns, construction, & home repair.

Just like this forum, we do not have google ads. Our main goal is to help bring people together and to better ones knowledge and life.

We are still working to refine everything, but we would like to invite you over to join in. This forum has started from scratch and the only way to make it grow is to input information.

We would appreciate anything and everything you can do to help out.

Thank you for your support!
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Thanks for the info. Just joined looks interesting.
Why not tie them together ? I am also on a few jeep and fishing forums. Its geeting to be to much to keep up with.
We felt this forum would get way too long and that some people would do a little of this but not a little of that, so.... We figured it was best to separate them.
Just signed up...
Its a nice forum.

Sign up and check out Brians toolbox :nunu:
Its a nice forum.

Sign up and check out Brians toolbox :nunu:
You could not wait, could you.

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Its a nice forum.

Sign up and check out Brians toolbox :nunu:
Yep, I I need participate.

:lol: My Brother from a different mother :lol: You are lucky you are a supporting vendor here or I would pull all the posts of people recomending your product.

OK. I am sorry I did not post it here. I made a mistake. :cray:
Missing out if you didn't see these steaks

I've got some great pics on this thread over at Workshop Addict. I'm hungry thinking about it again.:fed: If you got some good grilling pics, throw 'em up there!:hi:

If you look around the forum, you'll also find eepete's welder confession:mocking: Shhhh, don't tell eepete I let the cat out of the bag:hide:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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