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New attachments for the X749 needed

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I am thinking about adding a new 48" tiller something along the lines of a Deere 647 or similar. Is anyone familiar with these smaller width units or a competing unit? I want a heavy duty unit in a narrow width. Need this to get the tight spots in my customer yards, I have a 673 for my 4520 already.

The other thing I am looking into is snow blades and blowers, this would be for driveways and sidewalks. I confess that snow equipment is where I am the most ignorant. We tend to get several snows a year that are 3 to 6 inches and on occasion we have 12 to 24 inches over 24 hours, that isn't normal though.

Has anyone compared the Frontier equipment closely to the Deere branded stuff?
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When you say it doesn't compare to the 673 could you be more specific? I have been considering the 647 because it appears to be comparable to the 673.
I was considering the possibility of a front blade and or broom with a rear blower ultimately. Just don't know how much trouble it is to change between the blade and broom. After clearing the bulk of the snow a broom might be real handy for the walkways.

The first thing my dealer said was to consider using the 4520 cab for this work. My issue here is transporting the larger tractor in inclement weather seems to be a higher risk for accidents.
So far I have only had two tillers, the 673 and the Howard HR4 both have been good, never had a KK anything. Anyone see any problems with just getting a 647 and calling it good?

About the debris on the driveways, the only ones I wan't to clear are for the customers that I maintain their yards year round. These are vacation homes with no one at home the majority of the time, so I tend to have control of what is in or on the driveways. Yes I am a litlle fearful of finding objects out of place though and Dave you make a good point.
While I like reverse rotation in known ground it is a bad choice where you are operating in someone elses yard. A forward rotation tiller is better because it tends to climb over objects like rocks, roots and buried steel pipes.

I do like Landpride and Woods equipment though. For tilling your own garden a reverse rotation is great.
Any one have an idea of how much snow can be removed with one of the brooms?

Just trying to decide how much of this stuff I need, my main issue is not damaging the surface and leaving a clean surface. I have little experience with any of this snow equipment. The blower looks good IF I have a place to blow the snow, the blade looks good for light snows and the broom looks good for cleaning up the sidewalks. This isn't something I am looking forward to, just need to keep the customers happy.

What are the best uses for the snowblower, broom and blade? What are the limitations of each.
Thanks Randy, I was wondering if the combination of a blower and broom would be enough. Just concerned that in tight spaces it is hard to find a place to blow the snow.

Really hoping I don't need to move the larger tractors in to do snow work.
Guess I need to make the calls on the front quick hitch, broom and blower. My other thought was to put a small rear blade on the back for counterweight and puling the snow away from the buildings.

The good thing is in New Mexico most of the snow is light powder. Our humidity can get very low so most of the time it is a dry cold.

Brian, several of my customers have their own jets so they wan't it done right.:thumbup1gif:
Not knowing squat about this it does make sense to me to snowblow high enough to stay off the paved or gravel surface. On gravel this should be enough and on pavement the broom can take over. Will be interested in what Pete comes up with.

I was looking into the brooms and see that there are two sizes that should be compatible with the X749. There is a 52" and a 59" broom available, which would work the best, the larger broom looks like a lot to handle to me on icy sidewalks.

Same thing is true about the front snowblowers there is a 47" and a 54"? model. Is there a difference in capacity (height of snow)?

Also, I know extra weight and chains are needed but I was also considering the possibility of having a front mounted broom and rear three point mounted blower since these can counter balance each other. I already have the 3pt hitch and pto installed and can select between either front, rear or both ptos'. It would seem that you would drive faster forward with the broom than when blowing snow in reverse.

The last two implements a front 54" hyd angle blade and a rearblade are minor expenditures by comparison will probably buy both of these and add a plastic edge to both of these as needed. My interest in using these two implements is that without a cab I suspect they would be more pleasant to operate.
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I have a bunch of heavy duty casters from all the rollaway tool cabinets I have on my service trucks. Putting these on each side behind the rear blade might be a good use for your technique as guage wheels.:thumbup1gif:

How important do you think being adjustable height is?
IMO the best solution. Better quality..actually EXCELLENT Quality blower with the SB1154 and you can broom too.

Since I have never seen this done up close how miserable is this going to be without a cab?
Dave I have wondered about that too.:laugh: I had thought about getting a front blade (skidsteer) for the 110tlb since it is cabbed and a rearblower similar to what you mentioned. Thought about moving it into place the day before snow is expected. This would work for the driveways but not walkways.

One thing I don't want to do is install a loader on the 4520 though that is carved in stone.

That is a great looking 318 you have, looks well cared for.

What is your take on having the implements balance each other out?
Thanks for all the replies and helpful advice, sure is a lot to think about.

I was looking into the idea of a snow push with the rubber edges and found this one from the Worksite Pro line

Would consider the 8 ft model for the tlb, but would still need a broom.

Alot depends on whether I get the year round contract on a large condominium at the right price. Should be a decision made in the next week after Thanksgiving. If not I will stick with the smaller equipment for residential use and bundle up.

Correct me if I am wrong but there does not seem to be alot of price difference between a snowblower on the X749 and a 72-78" 3 pt model for the tractors. Just trying to consider all of my options before narrowing this down.
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I am going to make the rounds to look at clearances and confined spaces at all the sites today. Hopefully this will help me reach a conclusion as to what best suits my needs.

Thanks for all the help so far guys.
I had a chance to look into this a little more and figured the angle cylinder should operate the pivot on the quick attach adaptor on the tractor side. So this would work with a front blade and the broom. So yes it appears that the up front costs (pun intended) can be shared to a high degree.

Right now I have two heated cabs and I sure want to use one of these if possible. Second, I did some searching today and have found a lead on a used 60" brush that was mounted on a 770, need to see it and figure out if it can work for my uses if the price is right.
Thanks for the information, since I am a newbie to all ot this the insight really helps with the decision making.

Cleaned up that 318 really looks like a creampuff.:thumbup1gif:
Have done some looking around today and I am considering getting an Erskine 8' snowpush with the pull back option to use on my 110tlb ss loader. Also considering the 781 RP Erskine snow blower, does anyone have any comments on a 3pt rear pull snowblower? How good is Erskine equipment?

Does a snow push leave the asphalt clean enough to melt off quickly? For the most part we have dry powder snow.

I was thinking if you drive forward with the blower to remove most of the snow that you could then use the snowpush to finish it off, does this sound right to you?
What I am looking at now is to fit the 110tlb, not the 749. The snowpush I am considering is an Erskine 8' model with the pull back feature, this allows you to rotate the push 90 degrees and use a separate blade to drag back the snow close to a wall.

The blower is a 78" wide rear pull for the rear as mentioned earlier and I agree that trying to drive over a pile would be an issue. It would seem that you could break this pile out though and them run over it. I think the pull back feature should aid in pulling back and breaking up the pile to drive over it.

I am beginning to wonder if the snow push by itself would be enough for most years? May not need to buy a blower just yet.

That is a nice snow push you have, I think I would add a pull back blade to it.
If I had more time I would build a snowpush, seems like a good project.
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