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New attachments for the X749 needed

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I am thinking about adding a new 48" tiller something along the lines of a Deere 647 or similar. Is anyone familiar with these smaller width units or a competing unit? I want a heavy duty unit in a narrow width. Need this to get the tight spots in my customer yards, I have a 673 for my 4520 already.

The other thing I am looking into is snow blades and blowers, this would be for driveways and sidewalks. I confess that snow equipment is where I am the most ignorant. We tend to get several snows a year that are 3 to 6 inches and on occasion we have 12 to 24 inches over 24 hours, that isn't normal though.

Has anyone compared the Frontier equipment closely to the Deere branded stuff?
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The other thing I am looking into is snow blades and blowers, this would be for driveways and sidewalks. I confess that snow equipment is where I am the most ignorant. We tend to get several snows a year that are 3 to 6 inches and on occasion we have 12 to 24 inches over 24 hours, that isn't normal though.

Has anyone compared the Frontier equipment closely to the Deere branded stuff?
Snow Removal Equipment...NOW We talking....what exactly do you have in mind? You want a rear PTO blower, front blower? Or rather use a blade? I hate to make my reccomendations and its not what you had in mind.

Frontier vs Deere...I've compared a few, and honestly, almost every time I think I'd choose Frontier...
Tiller...Without knowing EVERYTHING as to your justifcation of a Deere tiller, I'd probably suggest a KKII, seems to me from everything I've read they are cheap and bullet proof.
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I would look at buying one of those direct rather than paying for the green paint.
Common misconception...
Case in point, Frontier SB1174 Blower = RAD/Blizzard B74. I coulda bought the Frontier for 50 bucks CHEAPER then my OEM version...I wouldnt make a blanket statement saying the JD Green ones are more expensive. I know for me, whether its a Rear Blade, Snowblower or Power Rake, the Frontier units at my dealer are usually same if not cheaper priced then the OEM branded ones.

Personally it p'ed me off to no extent...I'd rather have a Green blower then a Red one...
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I was considering the possibility of a front blade and or broom with a rear blower ultimately. Just don't know how much trouble it is to change between the blade and broom. After clearing the bulk of the snow a broom might be real handy for the walkways.

Yep, great plan. Personally I'm on the same page as you...I use my FEL Mounted blade to backdrag snow away from the buildings to where I can grab it with the blower. I think its an awesome setup...Not a fan of front blowers for a few reasons.
Rear blower...I'd personally reccomend the, you COULD go with the SB1148, but the 54 gives you more width, and more importantly, a 24" fan...

NOW, a word of caution....I personally would never snowblow anybody else's driveway...when my city slicker neighbor calls me, I always plow. Reason being, I'd hate to catch something in the blower like a Cinder Block, large rock or even worse, a length of chain or rope...Seen it of my friends sucked in a dog rope which was tied to an over head leader....blower sucked that rope & chain in so quick...pulled the anchor off the house, trashed the blower...etc).

The first thing my dealer said was to consider using the 4520 cab for this work. My issue here is transporting the larger tractor in inclement weather seems to be a higher risk for accidents.
LOL, I proably wouldnt ever snowblow without a cab...blading isnt too bad. Snowblowing...often times I see one of my neighbors down the road snowblowing...he's dressed like an eskimo and looks like frosty the snowman when he's done. BUT, your point of transport is valid...cant say I'd want to hit the roads in those conditions with the 4520 on your trailer...
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It might be true in that case Dave, but when we went looking we could get the Machio tiller for about 300 less than the Frontier. There is no questioning who makes the frontier tiller when you take it apart, everything is labeled maschio! So I am sorry, I was not trying to make a blanket statement, just letting everyone know my experience with Frontier and Machio.
I guess I'm helping YOU out here :lol:...but another thing to think about is nothing says the Frontier will be a Machio next year...So from that standpoint, yeah, going OEM might be wiser...
Even for a 300.00 difference, I'd probably still buy the Frontier for a few reasons...Mainly the Dealer.
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I would highly recommend at the very least to check out LandPride. Very HD and high quality.
If you go LP, go reverse rotation. If I could change one thing on my tiller (At the price I paid, I shouldnt complain)....its I'd like Reverse Rotation.
I'm still working on the best way to clear a gravel drive
What I do on my gravel drive....
First snow or two I don't blow it at all...just pack it down with the tractor from edge to edge...Then the next storm I just snowblow as normal with my shoes set to zero....At the next storm the ground is usually froze enough to hold all the rocks in place and my driveway looks like a normal gravel driveway....Key here is for the ground to be frozen. For me that's not an issue, but I can see how it might be in some areas...
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The game plan is a custom skid-shoe doo-hicy (<- technical term). The shoes that come with the blade and blower are made for hard surfaces.
Your right....even for me, 1st snow is usually on frozen ground. I only pack snow to pick up less rocks. The first year I had my snowblower I HAD to test it at the first snow...LOL...SWMBO was in the window watching me whip rocks at amazingly fast speeds across the yard, LOL.

You know...What I'd probably do...keeping with the KISS Mantra, is to make a set of LONG and somewhat wide skid shoes...thinking along the lines of Land Plane type skids. Angle of attack also makes a big difference in snowblowing the first few times. I know for me I crank the top-link very much in...just glides the blower over the snow. With too much angle, she'll want to scrape and dig.
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I was looking into the brooms and see that there are two sizes that should be compatible with the X749. There is a 52" and a 59" broom available, which would work the best, the larger broom looks like a lot to handle to me on icy sidewalks.
I've got the 59" (Deere 246) on my F935....nice broom, works great. Never used it to do snow tho...only spring cleanup.

Same thing is true about the front snowblowers there is a 47" and a 54"? model. Is there a difference in capacity (height of snow)?
I'm not as well versed in the smaller blowers, but I know the 47" has been around a while and is a good machine. I want to say the 54" is newer and has a plastic impeller...IMO not what I would want. When it comes to the front blowers, I'm a bit dissapointed in Deere's offerings, seriously other brands like Kubota leave JD in the dust...the Kubota blowers are RAD...Same as the Frontier Rear blowers, mebbe we'll see a further alliance with JD & RAD and we'll see better front blowers. I'm just a picky stickler when it comes to snow removal equipment....:lol:

Also, I know extra weight and chains are needed but I was also considering the possibility of having a front mounted broom and rear three point mounted blower since these can counter balance each other. I already have the 3pt hitch and pto installed and can select between either front, rear or both ptos'. It would seem that you would drive faster forward with the broom than when blowing snow in reverse.
IMO the best solution. Better quality..actually EXCELLENT Quality blower with the SB1154 and you can broom too.
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Since I have never seen this done up close how miserable is this going to be without a cab?
Plan on looking like frosty.

After 2 weeks of blowing with the 749, You'll be back here on DT asking whether you should get the SB1174 or SB1184 for your Cabbed 4x :lol:
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I had to have a friend re-line my impeller chamber after I ate too much gravel with the 318. 1st time out was that record 22" of snow, and I ate way too much gravel. Should of had it up another 2" in the air than what I did. Live and learn, now the impeller chamber is very stout.

I've got to go and check on my width. Though I had the 54", but it has a metal spinning blade...
Posts like that and my personal "Farm Engineer" thoughts are why I say the JD blowers are a joke. Seriously the 59" for the 3x20's is nothing short of a Joke. Its cheaply built, doesn't even cover the width of the machine, costs more then a wife...My list goes on and on.
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You will find that there are as many opinions on this as there are ways of doing it. You will need to find what works best for you.
You know, Your right Randy.....people seem to have no problem on agreeing on how to dig a hole or prep for a garden, but with snow, all bets are off...LOL. Personally I wouldnt want any other setup then my FEL Blade and 3pt Blower. PERFECT in every aspect to me.

As far as turning white without a cab, the only problem I have is with the brush (dry snow). I find paying close attention to wind direction and RPM control helps a lot. The blower has both snout controls and is not as fussy.
Blower might have more control of how and where you throw the snow, but on a blustery day, it still all comes back on you. Your throwing it 50x higher...Dry snow you're getting covered no matter what. I dunno, its more then that too, snow removal is usually always in inclement weather of some sort, Wet snow/rain, windy as heck, cold as heck, etc... Been there, done that with my F935 for the first 2 years at the house and I'd never do it again.


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You know, you don't always have to blow the snow 50' into the air?
LOL...see how the chute is adjusted in the pics I posted...thats how its been since I got the blower. :lol:
I like chucking the snow as far as mechanically possible. I hate snowbanks.
IMHO, a 8'er might be on the big side for a 110, but as long as you don't have too much snow you should be ok. With my 3720 I had trouble turning with a ton of snow up front.
Never used a "Genuine" Snowpush with wings, I can imagine with a full push it would be alot to handle, but I know the 7.5' blade I built/modded for my 3520 is not what I'd call too much.....I've considered making a set of small wings, but I really only use it in reverse to back drag anyways. The blower does the heavy lifting for me.

jenkinsph said:
The Erskine 8' snowpush with the pull back blade is roughly $3200 msrp according to the rep I spoke with yesterday. The Frontier Worksite Pro model that is similar is about $4300 and I can't see where it is any better.
Any interest in making your own? I've got less then $500.00 in mine. Started with a 7.5' Fisher blade, removed all the factory brackets, fabbed up the SS/QA, had everything professionally powdercoated and voila.
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jenkinsph said:
Yes, I have given alot of thought to building my own last night. Looks to be an easy project too. Is a curved blade necessary for the back wall? An 8 ft push averages about 800 to 900 lbs in a heavy model so the steel is approximately $450 and the edges are extra. Powdercoat in my area about $125, leaves the edges for $250 approximately. Seems I could build my own for $800 to $1000.

Considering I already have some extra 3/8" plate, heavy tubing, angle, and flatbar on hand I shouldn't need much in the way of steel for this project.

Need input on the edges though as I have never seen one of these up close. Maybe the simple thing is to buy some replacement edges and fab up the mountings.
We should probably start a new thread called "Snow Push Building :good2:
Nah, a curved rear isnt "necessary" but it would help.. a properly curved blade keeps the snow rolling and makes it way easier to push. Mebby thats why I have no problem pushing my 90" in a 12" normal snowfall (not heavy & wet, nor fluffy & dry) the snow will come to the top of the blade and I can see it roll.

Rubber edges, if you were closer or it werent so heavy I'd send you whatever you of my friends dad's works for a large sand & gravel firm and every spring they replace ALL the belting on conveyors...I've got 10' lengths of 1/2" and 3/8" thick rubber...I'd just find some used rubber like that and just cut to fit.

Now for the WWDD (what would Dave do) part....I'd try to find a used truck snow in Maine, CL is clogged with them. I paid 150.00 for mine.... that gives you the complete moldboard, trip edge, springs, cutting edge, etc. Safe to say I couldnt have fabbed it for less. And then the only fab left to do would be the wings...make em boltable so you could remove if you wanted to.
I think between a curved blade and small wings (6" deep), it would be easy to push...
Small wings so you dont have to push AS much material on the first push as Brian, and when you want to do cleanup, you still have the wings to do their job.
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Dave everytime I have found a truck type blade the guy was trying to sell it with all the extras, mounts lights and so on. There isn't much to pick from.
Would depend on your area I guess, I know the feeling though because what I was REALLY looking for is a 6.5' Fisher....when I was looking I couldnt find one, and of course after I was done my 7.5 I found one not far away...
Here in Maine I can take my pick of the older 7.5' non minute mount plows.....postings like this are commonplace:

And of course..I'm not looking and heres a 6.5:
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I am 59 now and have difficulty looking backwards. What are some of your thoughts and advice?
This is totally "WWDD"....What would Dave Do...and i've actually thought about this, if I wanted a front blower on my 3520 what I'd do is get the Front 3pt hitch from Deere, and then run down to my Orange tractor dealer and buy the 72" Front blower there...The Kubota front blower is made by RAD just like the SB11xx blowers and is a really nice unit. Then I'd just fab/put together up the required driveline...
Now this is just food for thought at this point in time, I havent researched RPM's and/or rotations for the Mid PTO...but thats the road I'd start travelling on if you dropped off your tractor at my place and said "Put a front blower on this"....

I'm not familiar enough with the x749 to know if this is even a remote possibility for you...what I said above applies to what I would do on MY 3520...On that same line of though though, I am a believer of "Anything is possible"
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