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New attachments for the X749 needed

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I am thinking about adding a new 48" tiller something along the lines of a Deere 647 or similar. Is anyone familiar with these smaller width units or a competing unit? I want a heavy duty unit in a narrow width. Need this to get the tight spots in my customer yards, I have a 673 for my 4520 already.

The other thing I am looking into is snow blades and blowers, this would be for driveways and sidewalks. I confess that snow equipment is where I am the most ignorant. We tend to get several snows a year that are 3 to 6 inches and on occasion we have 12 to 24 inches over 24 hours, that isn't normal though.

Has anyone compared the Frontier equipment closely to the Deere branded stuff?
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So far I have only had two tillers, the 673 and the Howard HR4 both have been good, never had a KK anything. Anyone see any problems with just getting a 647 and calling it good?
I would highly recommend at the very least to check out LandPride. Very HD and high quality.
If you go LP, go reverse rotation. If I could change one thing on my tiller (At the price I paid, I shouldnt complain)....its I'd like Reverse Rotation.
Yup, I really like mine.:yahoo:
Any one have an idea of how much snow can be removed with one of the brooms?
Yes I do, I can easily do about three inches of snow with the broom. Snow types (wet vs dry) do react a little differently but the end result is the same. You start getting over three inches then definetly the blower is the weapon of choice. The brush cleans right down to bare pavement. After the blower I will do a follow up with the brush.
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My other thought was to put a small rear blade on the back for counterweight and puling the snow away from the buildings.
That might be a good option for you. I do not have that need, but your requirements are always changing. I just use the ballast box for my added traction. You will need some extra weight though.
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I'm still working on the best way to clear a gravel drive, I'll be off to the local welding shop soon to commission the latest effort. Note: This is NOT an invitation for people to entice me to buy a welder.
Pave it.:lol:

Actually, I will be interested to see what you are up to.
Here is my two cents, this is what works for me. I have a 60 brush on the 2305 and a 54 blower on the 2520. Then I move the ballast box between machines as needed. No chains required. You will find that there are as many opinions on this as there are ways of doing it. You will need to find what works best for you. By the way all my snow removal is on pavement, if that helps.

As far as turning white without a cab, the only problem I have is with the brush (dry snow). I find paying close attention to wind direction and RPM control helps a lot. The blower has both snout controls and is not as fussy.
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Blower might have more control of how and where you throw the snow, but on a blustery day, it still all comes back on you. Your throwing it 50x higher...Dry snow you're getting covered no matter what. I dunno, its more then that too, snow removal is usually always in inclement weather of some sort, Wet snow/rain, windy as heck, cold as heck, etc... Been there, done that with my F935 for the first 2 years at the house and I'd never do it again.
You have to learn the tricks with blowing snow to not get white without a cab, it can be done. For example, one technique I use is to just dump it into the next path of cut until I am at full width. You know, you don't always have to blow the snow 50' into the air?

Wow, you are way more serious than me and my little machines.
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Front mount blowers are expensive.
I guess I would like add to Brian's statement. The blower in itself is not more expensive. It is the extra lift and drive pieces required that usually add to the price. Particularly if that is all you use this type of set up for. In my case the drive and lift and tilt can accomodate the blower or the brush on the same machine.:thumbup1gif:
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And the plastic impeller is a deal killer for me!! Thanks,
Hey Larry, WELCOME to DT!

I would like to get your thought on this plastic impeller issue. I have a 54" with one and am not sure of your concern. The thing works great and have no issues.
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