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Attention members! has added a new Donation Button. As you know, websites & forums require money to operate. We believe that part of the experience of Deere Talk is that we offer is an add free area. We will accept quality vendors to help expenses, but our goal is to make that as un-obtrusive to each members experience as possible. You will not see Google adds or anything like that on our site! The donations will only go toward site operation and maintenance. Once you make the donation you will get a "Site Supporter" label.

The label will be applied as following:

for $25 you get 1 year
for $50 You get 2 years
for $75 you get 3 years
for $100 you get 4 years
for $125 you get 5 years

We greatly appreciate all of your participation and support.

Green Tractor Talk Administration Team


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I realize this is off topic............but what happed to Randy? He hasn't been on the site since October.

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