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New from Vermont

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Hello all,

Good to see the economy hasn't killed interest in the tractor community.

Norm, here. I'm from southern Vermont. I used to hang at TBN a few years ago under the egnotsn2 moniker but work, life and other necessities dragged me away from the forums for awhile. Good to see some familiar handles from TBN over here. Anyway, I'm back, but mostly as a lurker.

I drive a 4110 but we'll be selling our property in the spring and am looking for info on how to price and sell my equipment - I'll post that in another thread. The last of the kids will be off to college in the near future and we're down-sizing and shifting careers and gears to slow it down a notch at home so we can travel more.

Maybe once the travel bug is gone I'll be buying another tractor for the 'golden years'!

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Hi Norm! There are two great things about travel. Seeing stuff, and then returning Home. Nothing makes you appreciate where you are more than where you've been. I think your golden years plan is just fine. Hope you can stick around the site as you travel.

Oh, and when you travel, you have to take pictures of tractors and post them. It's in the rulebook (somewhere).

I grew up in Mass, love VT. Was up there summer before last in the Mad River Vally area.

And just to drive home the picture idea, here's some of what I did (there was a _real_ pilot in the back...) How about a picture of that 4110 so everyone can see what she looks like?

Again, Welcome!



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Welcome to the JD Tractor Club Norm

We are glad you are jumping into the discussion. As a kid in the early 70's I remember taking our summer vacations out east. Vermont was on the list of places to tour. My step dad had an army buddy that lived in Barre that we would stay and visit with. And he was into antiques and we hauled trail load after trailer load from there back to Wisconsin.
Welcome to DT, nice to have you here. :thumbup1gif:
Welcome to the forum VTNorm. Did Irene tear ya up bad where you live?

I couldn't resist. :laugh:

Nice sailplane pix Pete. Back in the 80's I thought about getting my license; but then I'd want my own plane, etc, etc, etc. Back then I had no place for the plane, and not enough money.

Now I have the land to store one; but no building, and still not enough money.
Thanks for the warm welcome.

Pete - I grew up in MA as well, lived and worked there (the Rt 495 belt near Westford) up until a few years ago when my company 'right-sized' me out the door. I cashed out and moved here - love it. It certainly is a different pace.

Tackit - I didn't have any direct damage from Irene. We did lose a couple of bridges and local roads but everything has been band-aided back together. There's a bunch of heavy equipment that's re-contouring streams and river beds, very interesting to watch.

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