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Good day all!

Some of you have probably been following my progress on my field ive been clearing and am preparing on buying seed soon for this year.

At first I was going to do corn and a variety of peppers. But after thinking it over this past weekend, Almost every corner in my county has a veggie stand... why would I compete with that.

So I think i'll be going with flowers. Sell fresh and whatever doesnt sell i'll dry and sell dried throughout the winter at the local market.
They only need to be picked once every two weeks if i do one planting. which i will be for the first season. 500 of each variety (3 varieties)

I plan on doing Statice, Gomphrena, and Helichrysum.

I posted on a local FB farmer page about looking for a greenhouse willing to start my seed since i dont have a greenhouse. I lucked out and found a local tobacco farmer with extra greenhouse space. Hes willing to let me use at a small fee.

the biggest thing i read is the plants must remain in complete darkness until germination is complete, 3 days usually. after that i hope i wont need to touch them for 3 -6 weeks until i transplant them into my Clay ground.

Whatever space i have remaining in the field i'll be doing sweet corn.

Any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated! - ive attached a pdf of my field layout.

Thank you all!


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