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New gator, new problem

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Hi guys,
as many of you know, i have alot of ground to take care of,well i recently got 20 more acres about 1.4 miles down the road from my house. so i went and got a new 855D gator, traded in the gator tx, and the 625i. so i have been running around on the 855D on the road from my house to this property, and the other day the cops pulled me over and said i wasnt allowed to be operating the gator on the road, i should have (but didnt) asked if i am using it for farm use, am i allowed to use it on the road with a smv sign

i am in pennsylvania, hope someone can help me
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In Michigan, you can operate them on the sides of the road if you have a slow moving sign, brake lights, headlights, and turn signals. Deere offers everything needed.

Sorry I cannot help with PA.

I live in PA also, on a two-lane state road. The kids ride ATV's on the road, like they were passenger cars, except they go faster than most legal traffic. I have had a couple close calls with them puling out in front of me. No one seems to bother them. Your Gator is a hell of lot safer than the ATV's the kids ride. I would bet that you are also a much better and safer operator.

If I was a betting man,I would bet on you being able too ,especially in Pa. But,check with the DMV.
For those of us that have missed it,how much land do you take care of?
i take care of about 200 acres

oh and problem solved, i used the 4720 to make a trail from my house to the barns a very nice horse trail!!! (and a nice gator trail
In Indiana we go through the DNR to get OHV or ORV permits for back roads. They are only good in certain counties but they have all of this printed on the DNRs website.
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