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New GMC Dmax

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I don't hang out on the truck site but I do not hear many people talking about them. The hype on them seems to be too much for any gm to hold water. Gov't motors will never be the same.
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Are they still in business?
This are cool to see Aaron. Funny to see GM & Dodge do well unloaded in fuel mileage but get spanked over and over towing by Ford. My opinion of the trucks is about the same as those results. Unloaded, its much more fun to drive a dodge or chevy. They have better acceleration and a more sporty feel. But loaded, the fords have always been a step ahead. I think its all how and what they build their truck for. Today, a truck is kind of the household norm. 90-95% of its miles are unloaded. So who is correct in how they build their truck? Everyone I guess!

2011 should be interesting for trucks. Ford is coming out with a twin turbo 6cyl in GAS with 365/420. Thats in a half ton. these advancements might change sports cars! Pretty cool technology!
This are cool to see Aaron. Funny to see GM & Dodge do well unloaded in fuel mileage but get spanked over and over towing by Ford.
Not sure what data you were looking at but I'm comparing the 3/4 ton diesels as that's probably what most people are buying (and the subject of this thread).

I think you have to re-look at that data. On the graphs, the lower numbers on the y-axis (time) is preferred. GM was scored higher in all performance aspects with exception to braking which went to Dodge.

My interpretation of the comparison:

Dodge got the interior, fit and finish, and braking win

Ford was the jack of all trades giving it #2 tying Dodge for F&F and getting MPG loaded

GM took all acceleration wins, unloaded MPG, Ride Quality, MPG unloaded, and overall win because performance was 55% of the score
Aaaron, I went in there and looked at the MPG. I am with you and understand GM and dodge have much better accelleration than ford. I also don't read much into those tests because they are also an advertisment. Different trucks win in different years, all in coincidence, when they have something new come out.

My comment on the gas enginges coming were off topic, but the new gas engines are direct injected like our current diesel models. These new gas engines will provide performance like diesels with low rpm torque. Should be interesting to watch the future.

It would also be nice to see the 2011 GM truck in the contest. IMHO, 2011 is the first year in over 20 years that GM will have a front end worthy of a 3/4 ton truck. The suspension and torsion bars prior were/are a joke.
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