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New Goodyear R14 Tires for my 2720

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Got Goodyear R14 tires installed today on my 2720. Decided to try and find a local small business to buy/install the tires. The guy I found is a firefighter and on his off days changes tires for local farmers. He doesn't have a tire shop so he works out of his truck. I mentioned that I could drop off the tires at his house and his wife said he prefers to just leave them on the tractor and the service call to my house was only $30.

He was able to get the rear tires 14-17.5 ($290/each installed). He was not able to get the fronts, but said if I could get them shipped, he would install them for $25/each. So, I ordered them from

It was cool to see someone who knows their business as he replaced all 4 tires without even taking the rims off and just basic tools. His pricing was great and I would pay even a little more in the future to support guys like this who are out hustling.
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Nice! Does he come to Massachusetts too? Those tires look good on your machine!
Simple Tire's website sucks for finding anything.

Gallagher Tire has them.



You can take the model numbers from that site and go to any Titan/Goodyear dealer in your area and they should be able to order them for you if you prefer to go that route.
The tractor looks great with those tires. Where did you find the rear tires? I looked all over the simple tire site and they do not show a 14-17.5 R14T, and the front tires are well hidden without a careful search. There's not a Titan, nor a Goodyear tire dealer in my area (western NC) who has even heard of the R14T's. I'm getting thin on the lugs of the R4's on my 2520, and I don't want another set of R4's.

Have you had a chance to put these to the test?
I can't answer that. I didn't order R14Ts.
Thanks for the links. Was the shipping for the rear tires very expensive? Wondering if I can order them locally if the cost offset would be better.
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