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New green tractor owner

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Hi all.. I recently purchased my first tractor and have zero experience with them. I have about 50 acres about half of which is fields and the other have is woods/brush. I have a bushhog and box scraper. 3038e with only 26 hours which was in brand new condition. I've already ordered some hooks and such from kens bolt ons. I'm considering the rear hydraulics to be able to tilt the box and maybe getting a mulcher and/or backhoe eventually. I'm waiting on my quick hitch to be delivered sometime soon too. I follow Tims Tractor on youtube which has been a great help. Any other advice to a new tractor moron? i can't wait to get some great info in these forums and hopefully make a few friends along the way
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yeah, i have been keeping my bushhog on to balance for now, but obviously that can get in the way. I've been looking at those, how much weight would you suggest getting?
Proper ballast for any loader work.
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thanks i'll look it up.. it has a 300e loader currently.. at least that's what it says on the 'arms'
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Your loader owners manual has all the ballast requirements in it
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