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New guy from KY

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Hey everyone! New guy here from Mount Sterling, KY. I'm a proud owner of a new 4005 John Deere tractor. Just found this site, and I must say AWESOME! Just bought our new tractor and woods 6 ft finish mower in April after selling my smaller compact w/belly mower to a friend. We use it to mow our 5 acres of land which we plan to build a house on next year. A front end loader is in the future for it and a post hole digger/auger. Someday will also use it for tilling a garden. :wink:Just thought I'd introduce myself!
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Raymond, glad you found us!
We are all glad you are here too. :yahoo: Welcome to Green Land. Looing forward to hearing more of you, your tractor, and your experiances. I warn you, Pete will want photos of your stuff though. :laugh:
Welcome Raymond! New land, new tractor, future house, sounds like you're doing life full bore :thumbup1gif:.

I'll be curious to hear how the 6' mower matches up with the 4005. I use my 6' MX6 with the two speed PTO (e-pto). For areas I mow all the time, I'm in the economy mode which translates to about 32 HP. When I hit the areas I mow once a year, I'm in "normal" mode at 50 HP. I like hearing about other peoples experiences with their cutters.

Now as for Randy's warning about picture, all I'm gonna say is when Randy points at me, there are 3x as many fingers pointing back at him...:laugh:

:lol: You all are silly! Sounds like my kinda people here! :thumbup1gif: Here's a pic or two......
These are when it arrived at the dealership and we test drove it. I have more somewhere of it, just gotta find them. I mow only about once a month due to a busy schedule, and the grass usually gets about 6-16 inches tall. In mid range (B) and 3rd gear it'll take it down as fast as I can handle the ride! Normally I'm using 2nd gear though, a lil smoother on the postirior. :bash::lol:
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Those are good looking basic tractors, I love the "old school" look of them.
nice tractor and WELCOME TO THE FORUM
Thanks! Yeah that's why I went with it. Had the power I needed and wanted, and has that older look and basic functionality of a regular tractor instead of all the newer electronics and hydrostatics. For me less to worry about going wrong! :lol: Also like the idea of being common (easier to get parts). And I like the metal hood and fenders instead of plastic. Just my way of thinking.
Nice rig, I'm jealous, and welcome aboard!
Good choice on the 4005. I, too, like the metal panels and old school controls on this model.:thumbup1gif:
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