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New guy from KY

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Hey everyone! New guy here from Mount Sterling, KY. I'm a proud owner of a new 4005 John Deere tractor. Just found this site, and I must say AWESOME! Just bought our new tractor and woods 6 ft finish mower in April after selling my smaller compact w/belly mower to a friend. We use it to mow our 5 acres of land which we plan to build a house on next year. A front end loader is in the future for it and a post hole digger/auger. Someday will also use it for tilling a garden. :wink:Just thought I'd introduce myself!
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We are all glad you are here too. :yahoo: Welcome to Green Land. Looing forward to hearing more of you, your tractor, and your experiances. I warn you, Pete will want photos of your stuff though. :laugh:
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