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New guy here, first post!

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I just found this forum, I am on a couple others. I have 5 John Deere tractors . 318, 140, 67 112h, 64 110, x320. Seems like a great forum
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Welcome to GTT!


Glad you joined up! We are all about tractors and fun.:kidw_truck_smiley: Sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself here. :thumbup1gif:
Thanks guys. Thats my newest in my avatar. 1967 112 h.
Welcome! Nice looking RF!
Welcome! So glad you found us...
Post often and we love pics.....especially Randy

RGD aka Randy too

I had a '67 112H last year.


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Welcome to GTT Miller

We are glad you jumped right in the Green pool. Looking forward to hearing more of you and your machines.
You will like it
Welcome, have fun, it's what it's all about!
Welcome to the Forum you will like it.

You have a fine group of tractors there,but we really need pictures.

Welcome to GTT! Glad to have you aboard! :thumbup1gif:
Same O you will like the folks here.
Welcome on board!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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