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New Guy with a New Deere

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Happy to be here and to have my first tractor. Just received delivery of a new John Deere 1026R with loader and backhoe. Any tips would be appreciated since I'm brand new to the tractor world. I do have my first question. I quickly read through the owners manual and didn't see any break period information. This is my first diesel so maybe it doesn't require a break in but more info. would be nice. I joined mytractor forum then found this site dedicated to Deere's and thought I would give you guys a try also. I also posted a pic. to show both of my babies. Thanks for having me.


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Thanks for the info. I'm ready to start playing, I mean working:laugh:
What a great picure!

Welcome to GTT.

Can I use that piture on our facebook site? I have been trying to get pictures of kids and tractors.
Sure can. That will make my little girl smile even more.
Thanks for the Info. and the tips! Finally got to really run her today and I'm in love. It may take me a while to get used to everything but I hope it stays fun. Thanks for all the support.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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