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New guy!!

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I am new to this hobby but not the obsession with tractors. My question is, I just purchased 2 B models. From what I can tell one is a 1950 (serial # B263494) and one is a 1939 (serial # 62845). Can someone verify these for me.
Another question: I was told by the seller, who knew nothing about them, that the '50 was a 6 volt system. I bought a 6 volt battery and it turned over very slow. On a hunch I put a 12 volt battery in it and it spun over beautifully. How do I tell whcih it is? When it was runnign with the 12 volt I turned the lights on and they worked fine. If it was a 6 volt system wouldnt the bulbs blow?

Thanks for any help!!!
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Welcome to DT Highway...

I wish I could help-but I am just not up to speed on the old two-cylinder machines like a should be, I just wanted to say welcome and give you post a little bump:good2:
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