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New Here!

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Just found this site this morning, as a link on!

I live in north central MO, grew up in this area on a small farm (by today's standards). We used all JD equipment, primarily a 53-60 & a 58 720D ES. I kept the 720 until about 4 years ago, since I didn't use it anymore, I sold it & bought an 83-420 garden tractor. I'm a retired firefighter, retired 6 years ago. Spend most of my time messing around with older garden tractors, garden work, some woodworking & piddling around at the 190 acre brush farm (I don't farm it, just a place to play)! I display at several area tractor shows & hold an annual "Garden Tractor Trail Ride" in September.

I've been collecting JD L&G tractors & equipment for several years now; currently have a 69-60 (modified), 2-1970-70's (one modified & one to be restored), an 80-314 (ready for repaint), 82-317 (modified), the 83-420 (restored), a199?-F525 mower & a 2004-790 w/300 loader. I bought the 790 when I sold my 58-520 & 69-140 w/Johnson loader. Also several L&G attachments including 1 each of the older JD lawn carts.

Looking forward to being a part of this site, always ready to talk tractors! ~~ grnspot


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I already gave you a welcome in the lawn & garden section, but wanted to give you an "official" welcome here. I have always been impressed with your modifications and customizations on your L&G tractors. It must have been my link you saw on wfm.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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