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1025r with Mauser cab.
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I ended up grooving all four tires, going to hold off on ordering any chains, just put the plow on this morning so hopefully will be gtg for this winter.

Very nice setup.

You will find the traction should be much better with the "siping" or grooving of the tires. But even more important, control the down pressure of both the blade and the rear blower and you can dramatically impact both the traction and the tractor's steering. I wouldn't install any chains until you find you must have them.

Rarely is the best approach for my needs to "float" the plow, but rather to control the down pressure with the SCV. Try this and you will be amazed the difference it can and will make verses simply dropping both implements fully onto the pavement.

Traction is highly temperature dependent and the colder it is, the better the traction conditions. You practice controlling the down pressure and you can improve the steering and traction on both ends of the machine. After all, most times you don't need to be scraping the surface with a lot of down pressure to clean it. You just need to get the snow cleared from the surface.......
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