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New Inverted snow blower for my 3039R

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Just arrived last week, MK Martin 68" Inverted blower, I ordered back in March, was supposed to have hydraulic chute rotator, they sent electric, have the correct one coming from the distributor, been looking at how these work on videos and they seem to do the job well even driving through the snow, have back and neck issues so a standard one wasn't an option for me, and front blower was out of the question since I like using a front plow and bucket during the winter, anyone else own one of these inverted blowers? I also would like to know if just using front chains would hurt the machine? I have loaded rears but would need to add spacers in order for rear chains, but would like to have some additional traction for getting up my steep driveway if it gets slippery, anyone using front chains only?

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Pappy- congrats on your purchase, you are gonna love it. I have a Pronovost P-74-INV on a 3720 so similar to your set up. I tried just front chains and it kinda works, Depending on the snow or ice , road surface and temperature. The time it really doesn't is going uphill with the blower raised as that takes most of the weight off the front wheels. I need to try siping for the shoulder seasons but for winter anymore its front and rear euro style chains-just awesome.

As far as ability to clear deeper snow if you can drive through it you can blow it so for me up to about 24in its no big deal. You can deal with the occasional much deeper area by raising the blower and backing in then going forward. I tend to go out fairly often because that limits the packing from other vehicles and its so easy and quick.

Ignore the naysayers and enjoy your blower and report back please.
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nice set-up,
if you do end up with traction issues swapping your rears should give enough room for lower profile chains. After trying 2 link and 4 link and seeing recommendations fro euro style i tried them and would say that you should skip the others and go straight to euro. more expensive but better traction and a smooth ride. Where are you located?
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