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Hi I'm Tom and go by foggy on a few different sites. Been on TBN for a few years and KennyD told me about this site some time ago....I just never got around to registering.

I grew up around my Dad's Ford tractor biz in the 50's but gravitated to other things after high school. Always had an interest in old cars, tractors and mechanical stuff. Spent my life in sales to manufacturing companies and most of my working career I sold custom metals from the mill (aluminum extrusions and fabricated stuff...until forming my own biz (hunting & shooting products) in the early 90's. Later sold and retired in 2005.

Have owned lots of JD L&G tractors over the years (110, 317, (2) 318, 425) and then a JD 790 when I bought my deer land. Needed more hydraulics so upgraded to a used 3320 about a year ago. Very happy with my tractor choice.

I get about 100 hours of seat time each year on my deer land taking care of my food plots and trails through the pine forest, and opening up new land. I have allot of implements....mostly 5 foot size stuff.

I own these implements (so if you are looking for info): Woods TSG50 Stump Grinder and PHD, Markham 48" Grapple, KingKutter Tiller, Disc, RC, BB, Ripper, Cone Spreader. Ford Landscape Rake, Dunham Cultipacker, EZ Flow Lime Spreader, Herd Seeder, (2) Four Wheelers, Golf Cart and trailers to haul stuff.

I hope to be able to add some useful information to help others in a fun hobby for me: "Tractoring"
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