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New Member and 2320 owner... from RI.

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What an amazing machine. 12 year old son pretty much wore out the seat today while I was at work.

We bought it used, but in mint condition. The only thing missing is the bolts/pins that hold the two ROPS pieces together. Would anyone know where I can get the bolts & pins?

Many thanks in advance... looking forward to reviewing the information and sharing JD stories for years to come on this great site.

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Welcome to DT SMB!

You should get the parts at JD to ensure they are of the correct grade and quality, the ROPS is not something you want to put cheap hardware on.You can register (for free) at and get the part numbers and prices yourself-and you can even order them to your dealer so you only have to make one trip.
There is a quick tutorial linked in my signature if you need help with it.
Thank you both... agree with your comment about correct grade and quality... I will order them from the JD site.

Appreciate the good advice... and already I learned much about the 2320 with regards to the u-joint lubrication posted in previous conversations here.

Another welcome, but most important of all, Thank you for participating. :thumbup1gif:
Welcome Andrew! We like pictures around here if you get the chance.
First pic... test... Unloading at night... happiest kid on the planet... poorest Dad on the planet


I would say that picture captures the moment. :thumbup1gif: I doubt your kid will ever forget that moment either.
It's money in the bank!
... poorest Dad on the planet
congrats on your tractor and WELCOME TO THE FORUM
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