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New member, new owner 1025r TLB

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Hey all, I've been lurking for a few months, finally pulled the trigger on a 1025r TLB - no mower.

Blessed to find my dealer had exactly one in stock, labeled a 2021 with less than .5 hours, I took delivery one week later.

In addition to the loader, bh, I ordered and received a Titan fork plate (scratch and dent for $209 no visible damage, which while not the best out there I felt was a good deal), two 36 inch forks from ES for $250 delivered. I meant to get 3", but they sent 4", not ideal from a weight perspective, but they're sure doing the job with pallets and logs and poking rocks around.

I was left a 60hd broom and a frontier 3pt spreader in another arrangement. So with the tractor I ordered a front quick hitch and needed bits to run the broom. I ordered the 54" plow as well, but the dealer was nice enough to run out of that and deliver a 60" for the same price.

I'm going to have many questions, looking forward to learning a lot from you all.

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Thanks! I should have included, I'm in Chicagoland and I'm working on my first question about the backhoe...
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Congrats! When my dealer was looking up the 60 Deere plow, he was unable to find the 60” rubber squeegee in the system. Did you get the squeegee with yours? Post up some pics of the tractor and plow!
I did not get the squeegee, it has a metal edge, looking at hdpe or diy horsemat though to protect the 1100' of asphalt I get to plow in the winter.
I did some checking, I'm guessing it's Express Steel.
Yes, that's them... I was looking for a link for you, but unless I'm missing something they just went through the roof on price. I paid 250 shipped for both of my 36"x4" universal forks

Pallet Fork Blades | Express Steel Inc is showing $400 right now.

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