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New member of the green family....

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It's official, Just bought a 1026R, they say it will be delieverd late this after-noon. 1026R, H120 FEI, 60"auto connect deck, 60"box blade with quick hitch, Rear tires filled with rim-guard.
Pictures to follow.:thumbup1gif::drinks:
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Pictures to follow.:thumbup1gif::drinks:
You better or you-know-who is going to be complainin':laugh:

Congrats on your new machine:dance:
Welcome and good luck with your new green machine.
welcome. i will bet you are having fun on that thing as i type this...
Congratulations, you did the hard part, bought the first one. :thumbup1gif: You now belong to a great club. Yup, pics, you promised. :nunu:
Well, they called me to say the tire place was behind, and they won't be here till Satuarday before noon. I should still get some good seat time
1026r delieverd

Well the dealer dropped it off at 0900 on saturday morning. Didn't get to do much with it on Sat. But put five hrs on it today. The machine is quite impressive, have mowed the yard and removed the auto connect deck with no problems, it pulls the 60' box blade full of dirt with no strain and the H120 loader goes on and off very easly with no tools.
As of now there is no regrets at all for buying a first year unit, and going green instead of orange. And yes Randy I promis to get some pics up for you and all the green family to
glad you like it, i hope you get many hours on it, just keep it maintained
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