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New member to the forum with a 1026R on order

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I have a 1026 on order that I will be taking delivery on in a week or so. I just started reading this forum and will have a question on the use of the 60D Mower with the Hydraulic Mower Lift System and with the H120 Loader. Both will use the SCV lever. Do you lose the bucket curl ability when you have the 60D attached? Or, are both able to be used without changing any connections?
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Hi Wrangler, Welcome to the forum. I have a 2305 with the hydraulic mmm lift. I have a svc control lever that I raise the mower all the way up and lock it in the up position.
Than push the svc lever in and use the curl on the bucket. When done with the bucket position it how you want it and pull the lever out and unlock the mmm and you are good to go.

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