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New member to the forum with a 1026R on order

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I have a 1026 on order that I will be taking delivery on in a week or so. I just started reading this forum and will have a question on the use of the 60D Mower with the Hydraulic Mower Lift System and with the H120 Loader. Both will use the SCV lever. Do you lose the bucket curl ability when you have the 60D attached? Or, are both able to be used without changing any connections?
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FEL Forks

Looks great! If , well When you decide to get some forks, I would consider Artillian >>Artillian Tractor Attachments
My 1026R is 2 weeks old and I bought forks from the dealer. In the past for my bigger CUT they were Frontier, and heavy, but did the job. This time around the JD dealership chose the HLA forks painted Green, and made to hook up to the H loader.. BUT they weight about 55 pounds more than the artillian and have half the capacity and they are only 36 inch tines... youll want 42 anyway.
Best to spend the 780 bucks and get what has the best design and lightest. Lighter?, yeah the SCUT doesnt have a lot of lift power, so ever pound counts! Also the Artillian has removable backstop, to further lighten the forks for the low center of gravity lifts.
I SOLD my Brand new HLA forks today ( .9 hrs on the 1026R) and will be ordering Artillian. It was an expensive mistake but the quality of the Artillian will make up for that. The Artillian is less than the HLA dealer cost
I was looking into forks also, and thought the "Artillian" looked like a better deal than anything else out there, including models from "Everything Attachments," which have a pretty nice set up. The main difference for me is whether or not the forks could slide when using them for something like clearing brush piles and moving things other than pallets. But then there's also the question as to adjustability when thinking notched vs. infinite adjustment.

Latest and Greatest on Artillian JDQA Pallet Forks - YouTube

Construction Attachments 42" John Deere, John Deer, Quick Attach JD, Compact Pallet Forks CAL-1PFCMPSM42

The "Artillians" look like they would not be able to move on you at all while working with them, but I wondered how easy/hard it is to adjust them when you need to. Any feedback from actual experience would be helpful. I have to say that I found this forum when looking for info and advise after I decided to order a 1026R, and the information on here is invaluable. I'll do a post after I have everything and get it situated. Perhaps this question belongs on a post of it's own, but since I saw someone referencing the "Artillian," I saw it as a opportunity to ask.

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I've had my Artillian forks for a couple weeks now and have used them to move pallets as well as to remove a railroad tie retaining wall. Let me just say they worked perfectly. They truley are TOP NOTCH. When you need to move the tines in or out they are very easy to adjust. I got the ones with the spring loaded pin lock. If you'd like I can post pictures or even video to the site showing you. Just let me know what you want to see.

A video would actually be great. This is some great information. I'm having trouble seeing where there is a option for a "spring loaded pin lock," so not sure what you're referring to there. The options I see are for either "standard" or "Cascade" forks, and for the backrest to installed prior to shipping if ordered at the same time. Are the pin locks you have for the forks or the backrest?
Chris has a great description of the various styles of fork here: Pallet Fork Design Comparison

When I built my homemade ones many years ago, I did the hybrid design-and they change position just driving around the yard. No way would I want that again. Chris is also actively engineering new tools to hang onto the frame-so it will be more of a system then just a set of pallet forks.

He is also a member of this forum and has his own section. Where else can you get one-on-one service like that:laugh:
Excellent user feedback. Even though you are referring to your own build, it's the whole design concept in question, and I don't want these things to move around on their own... Much appreciated. It's also good that he's a member of the forum. For some questions, it may be best if I contact him directly. Great info on the link also. Thank you.
The forks slide easily,especially when you have them canted down a little. The notches are great for locking in at various areas as needed,but you can set the forks anywhere ,it just wont be locked in as tight altho I have never had mine to move on its on,even when not in a notch.
Sounds like what I'm looking for. I didn't know you could adjust them outside of the notches. I wouldn't think you would need to very often, if ever. But, as you find how versatile forks really are, that is very handy for when you do need it... Thanks.
The "construction attatchment" post 19, are similar to the HLA, heavy and they slide on a pole, and a ton of extra bracing and no chain hooks. I bet they weigh a lot. the frontier forks you need a allen wrench on a bar. If that bar isnt perfectly clean and or not bent, your going to be playing with a while.
How many manufacturers actually USE what they sell? And are willing to get checked out by all of us and replies to questions?
Artillian is the way to go....
Well, I personally don't want to be messing with a allen wrench every time I need to move the forks, and I myself worry about a bent bar which seemingly would make any future adjustments nothing short of a huge hassle. From what I could see, the lightest Artillian: JDQA Pallet Fork Set with 42" long x 3" wide Standard Forks Model#: 5-QA-FS-42, Set Weight: 197 Lbs + 28 for the backrest totals 225 lbs... The "Construction Attachments" Model#: 1PFCMPSM42, with the exact same dimensions for the H120 FEL comes in at a total of 220 lbs., so it's actually just slightly lighter in weight. But the overall design and features of the Artillian seem well worth an extra 5 lbs., and the backrest is removable, which doesn't appear to be the case on the "Construction Attachments" model. You have an excellent point as to manufacturers actually using what they sell, and willingness to be checked out and questioned by forum members. Not that the CA is a bad product, but the Artillian sounds best for me. I only want to spend the money once, so the whole forum deal is invaluable. Thanks for your input!
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