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New Owner / New to JD - 2013ish 5075E

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Hi all. Holy cow does this look like an awesome community! I've learned so much over the last couple of days. Thank you so much to all that contribute, my head's exploding!

Quick back story, our family tractor ('79 IH 584) was stolen last summer. Dang thing only had 900 hours on it. After lots and lots and lots of research, for our use, we settled on a pre-emissions 5075E. Found one with low hours (280ish), and to me, what seems like a good, tight, solid machine. We are dropping it off at the local service center and they actually have maintenance records from the previous owner, which they happily printed for us. I really think we found a great find.

I REALLY look forward to participating in this community. I do have a couple of quick questions though. Specifically related to security. We understand that we'll never really be able to prevent a theft at our place. If they want it, they're gonna get it. Our goal is to slow them down.

  1. Does it make sense to install a hidden toggle switch for the key? I'm a techie guy, so this shouldn't be too difficult.
  2. Does it make sense to put in a battery switch? I know, easy to see and flip, but I'm assuming our alarm has gone off, so I want to annoy them / cause panic.
  3. I was thinking about making a 1" round bar that slides through the front wheels (and rear if there is clearance), with some protected shackle locks. Again, just slow 'em down, cause irritation/panic.
Do any of y'all do anything like this? Or, do y'all have any other suggestions?
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As above a hidden GPS tracking device, this way you will know where it is. Of course it has to be well hidden or they will just leave it sitting in the barn.
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