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W. R. Long Inc. is now offering a Manure Fork designed to Fit Front End Loaders with lift capacities up to 2,500 pounds.

W. R. Long has drawings for over 750 different loaders so we are able to provide your Manure Fork with a Pin On Mount or the Universal Mount.

The list price for the 61" Manure Fork is $775 and the list price for the 78" Manure Fork with two Grapples is $1,850.

There are nine 1-1/2" diameter tines on the 61" manure fork ten on the 68" and eleven on the 75". The tine spacing is 7". The 61" Manure Fork weight is 320 pounds and the 75" Manure Fork with Grapples weight is 535 pounds.

Additional photos of the Manure Fork and our other products are available on our photo gallery.

Please visit our Facebook page.
You are welcome to visit the W. R. Long Inc website for more information or call us at 252-823-4570.

Thank You,

Nelson Long
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