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New Ratchets and plug tools came today

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First off let me say I hate windows 7 and IE 9, I had this tool report almost finished (a good 15 minutes of work) and all of a sudden out of thin air I hear a bell and a different website pops up erasing everything I had typed. I have tried going back to windows 8 but get a message after downloading it that I can't use it on my machine even-though it worked fine before I switched to 9.

Anyway on a happier note the ratchets and plug tools came today...

I first checked out the Titan's drive mechanisms to see if they were tight in both directions, without excessive slop side to side and then in the up and down plane and was pleased at what I felt... The drive mechanisms are tight and the direction levers stay put.. I tried to pull off a molded on handle on two of ratchets but couldn't get the handles to budge, they seem permanently attached.... The molded grips are comfortable and should help when pulling on hard to get off fasteners, especially when it's cold outside.. In a few days I'll be using them and be able to give a better account of their mechanical worthiness. For Now though, I won't be sending them back. :good2:

The Stanley ratchets are a a fine tool also, I can't believe what I paid for such a quality tool compared to other brands out there. The 1/2" was $15.99 the 3/8" was 12.99 and the 1/4" was 10.24.

The Extra length 1/2" Titan ratchet was 22.62 and the 3/8" extra length ratchet was 17.50. The Titan 3 piece set was $35 as I recall, for some reason it's not shown on the receipt.

The Stanley ratchet mechanisms were tight also and show no excessive slop in all direction's and their direction levers stay put as well.. these are fine ratchets, at least as good as my Craftsman. They are going into my other poll barn were I keep a set of tools handy. Hope you like the pictures, any question feel free to ask.


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Looking good, Jim, those Titans especially.
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