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So, I am looking to get the the correct toplink for the 4520 since the one from my old 3720 is too long. I am looking at this one (Surplus Center Toplink)

I was thinking that while I was doing this I would add something to slow down the extension or contraction to make this a bit easier to adjust. The check valves on this toplink make it hard to adjust small amounts.

What would I need to buy to make this work with my current setup? I plan on using my old hoses and only replacing the toplink.

I think I am going to sell the other since its to small for the 5203.

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In line needle valve definitely the right choice. They're pretty inexpensive.

I did some cutting and pasting from when I got my TL from Carter & Carter in TN. Here are my thoughts.....


This below might help you. I ordered a premade Carter & Carter, with hoses, for ~ 200$. Wasn't worth the hassle to me to buy wrong linkages, return them, try another one, etc.

Not 100% sure that the 4x10's have the same 3pt as the 4x20's, but I'd guess they're close.

Originally Posted by jgrreed View Post
Most of you likely have done this already, but FYI I went out and measured my 4720's top link fully retracted and extended. It was 19.5" retracted and 30" extended. When it was fully retracted my quick hitch was maybe at a 15 degree angle "toe backwards". When it was fully extended it was 30 - 40 degrees "toe forward". I dunno what function would ever need that much toe forward, so I'm going with the 18 - 26.5" CCM top link, thus giving me more useful toe backward (ie. to make dirt/snow/etc roll when blading), and less meaningless toe forward.
I hope that helps.


Put my new back blade on tonight with my new 18-26.5" CCM toplink. It's really slick with the ability to tilt.

I'm REALLY glad I didn't go with a longer TL, it would've been useless on my machine. Now, I know that it's tractor/implement dependent, but even with the TL fully retracted the blade is still more or less vertical. I was hoping to have the blade lean forward somewhat to 'roll' dirt, gravel, snow, etc. I think next time I'd even go shorter, with the 16" to 22.5".

I'll post what my landscape rake does when I try it out (probably next spring, it's at my in laws right now).

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