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These are good tillers but: Do yourself a favor and go over every nut and bolt on the tiller and check them for tightness. The tiller was probably shipped dry. Be sure the gear cases are filled to capacity. Lubricate the grease fittings on the PTO shaft. If the PTO has the slip clutch be sure it is adjusted properly. The instructions should be in the manual you got with the tiller.
If your dealer told you the tiller is ready to go, don't believe it. If you bought this from TSC or some other "Big Box" store chances are some stock person threw it together. (Probably spent more time in the back room on his cell phone than working on the tiller)
I say this because I bought a K K tiller a few years ago and was told it had been serviced and ready to put to work. Within 1/2 hour the side cover over the gear box had come loose and whatever amount of fluid which might have been in it drained out and the gears seized. When I checked the fluid level in the gear box on top of the tiller it was totally dry.
I returned the tiller and got my money back. They didn't have another in stock and they said I'd have to wait a few days to get another shipped in from another store. Didn't work for me.
I bought a JD (Frontier) tiller and have never looked back.
My neighbor and friend bought a K K tiller and I warned him the same as I have you. He serviced his tiller and other than breaking a couple tines it's been trouble free.

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Bought a new kk tiller today 4 foot. Got home to late tonight to get it unloaded and put togather. Guess ill get it done in the morning
Congrats on the new tiller. TTWT has tortured his and its still tilling. They do a great job. Enjoy. Kent
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