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new to dt

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hey, just wanted to introduce myself. just got a 2320 after years of waiting and looking around. i'm a dentist by trade but my dad is a heavy equipment mechanic on the industrial side and spent 20+ years working for deere so i grew up thinking that that anything without the leaping deere logo was junk.

ive got a couple of acres that i mow and maintain. i got a FEL and the 54" mowing deck. i just ordered a pine straw rake because where i live is totally surrounded by huge pine trees. i'm really looking forward to getting my laawn in shape so i am sure i will have plenty of questions about attchments as time goes on.

i am usually using the mobile site so i cant post any pictures right now but i will try and do that once i get the pine straw rake and hook it up.

looks like a pretty good group of guys so i look forward to talking to all of you.
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kenny-what do you do in westminster? i actually grew up near hagerstown,md.
Work for Verizon, 22 years now. You still around MD?

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