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New to me 110RF

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Picked up a 67 110RF yesterday, too good of a deal to pass up even though I don't have any plans for it. You know how it is, I have no excuse. It did not come with a deck. I am having problems getting pic's from phone right now, I will post pics later.
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That's a beauty. I had a 110SF, I think it was a '74, years ago. It was a good tractor. What is the plate called on the front? The front of my hood is beat up of course.
Mine in present state.....

I just got mine off the trailer, and with it sitting next to my 318 I had one thing constantly running through my head. "It is such a cute, tiny little thing". I knew they were small, but it is really apparent next to the 318.
They certainly are affordable now! Are those Cushman scooters in the background?
Cool! I have always been attracted to the Cushmans, but never owned one. I saw a crazy thing a few years ago where a guy was eyeballing a Cushman frame and a Harley engine and say's 'that looks like it will fit'. Wow. nice fit it was! I love people with ingenuity!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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