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new to me 92 316

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Hello everyone I`m new to the forum.
I traded for a 316 that is in what I think is very good shape with a snow plow.
I have built a cab for it over the past month for when the snow might fly here in south central Illinois LOL.
I just purchased a 318 frame with the hydraulic system parts for $60 today I was planning on stripping it and restoring over the winter
then putting the 316`s body panels on it, but the guy sold the transaxle and power steering cylinder off it before I could get down to pick it up bummer since he was wanting $100 for everything
So now I don`t know if I should restore the 318 frame for the power steering by finding a cylinder or just install the H2 hydraulics into the 316 what would you advise me to do?
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The late 316 tractors with the P218 Onan engines are very nice, but the 318 with the dual spools of hydraulics, power steering and the turning brakes are enough of an advantage that migrating your 316 parts over to a 318 makes a lot of sense. Too bad you missed out on the steering valve with the parts tractor you just scored...:(

Adding the H2, power steering and turning brakes to your existing 316 frame can be done, but is a lot of work that would not be needed if you get enough of a 318 together to go back onto that frame you just got.

Let us know what you decide, and pictures are always fun to share...

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