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New to me John Deere 71 planter

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Picked up this planter from craigslist. Sorry for the bad picture. We removed the coulters to store it along with the seed bins. Two other pictures are what it looks like together.

Any one else have an old planter?

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Sexy man, Sexy:thumbup1gif:
Very nice, looks to be in great shape! :thumbup1gif:
I have no clue what year it is yet. I am surprised at the shape its in. All the internals are next to perfect. These planters do not like grease so everything is lubed with graphite. This must have been at a small hobby farm to be in the shape its in.

I did talk with Paul from the site you listed tackit and he is out of planters. I ended up finding this one fairly local. The guy here bought it from South Carolina. Should be fun. Trying to see if i can get it to plant pumkins.

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You mean that thing is original and not restored? Too nice to use.
No Randy, it has been painted. All the Cat 1 hookup for the three point have been added as this was probably an 8 row planter. its been restored as it is older than I am, but all the wear items are original, so it has not been used much and it was stored inside!
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