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1025r with Mauser cab.
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Looks good, Rob. Those ammo can's are good tool boxes. I have them on my Zero Turn, mounted with my KBOH clamps. How tough are the Kenny Clamps? I have the tool box mounted on the top side of the ROPS when folded down so I can mow under trees, etc. I caught a limb on the front corner of the Ammo Can tool box and it stopped the zero turn completely. It did tear the bottom of the ammo can as the twisting on the can which happened when I stopped the mower on the tree branch.

The tug it gave the ammo can made the KBOH ROPS Clamps hardware so tight, that removing the bolts was difficult. I ended up straightening the bottom of the ammo can and leaving it on the Zero turn when I sold it, and bought 2 more KBOH ROPS clamps for my new tool box for the new machine, which gets installed today.......... (y)

That same .50 cal ammo can is sold at Harbor Freight.............they also have a smaller ammo can, which is plastic for those with size constraints.........
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