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New trailer day

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Well, new to me anyway. Picked this up today. :)

24', 7 tons. Adjustable dovetail flips up to be level with the deck. So far I like it, with a few exceptions. More on that later. I had to replace the electrical connector to match my truck, but no big issue. I've been using an 18', 7 ton bumper pull trailer and it was way too narrow for a lot of stuff I need to move.

So, what is my issue with this trailer? One, I found while swapping the connector on the trailer. The factory did not put anything in place to charge the breakaway battery. I haven't had time to throw a meter on it and see what it's got, but I doubt it's ever actually been charged. The second issue is beneath the trailer. It's been primed, but they didn't paint it. I'll have to do something about that. The final issue is the tires. I believe they are the original tires, and they look good with good tread, no cracks, etc. Trouble is, this is a 14,000 lb trailer. It has 4 tires rated at 3,000 lbs apiece. 3,000 x 4 = 12,000. The tires are the weak link in the trailer capacity chain. Seems like an oversight on the part of the factory, but that should come as no surprise to anyone who is familiar with the trailer industry. :lol:

In any case, very happy with my new trailer. A few issues, but they should be simple to address. :thumbup1gif:
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The total rated weight of a trailer seems to factor in some of that weight on the tongue. Probably 20% or so for a gooseneck like the one pictured in post #1. a 10,000 pound pintle or 2 5/16 ball type trailer seems to have four 2540 pound rated tires but rated only for 8500 on the trailer wheels. At least the one I got the only difference with a 12,000 trailer would be the rims and tires. I could the next load range up tires but it is tagged for the way it came. The trailer rating is really for the lowest link. axle, springs, rims, tires and maybe another one or two I omitted. There is probably some formula as you can't expect to have the same weight on all four trailer tires at once.

Does anyone pay attention to the fact you are supposed to have a midical card if you go over 18000 pounds in your home state and over 10000 if you leave the state? That is gross combined weight, hauler trailer cargo load all.

Maybe this will save someone some frustration which I experienced. If you buy a ford and get the trailer package option they put a little circuit breaker and a little fuse in a plastic bag in the glove box. Your break away battery charge electricity won't go to the plug in the rear until those are installed.

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