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New welder

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I bought a Hobart Handler140 the other day, mainly for the 115v and the availability in this area. I never took a shine to squirt guns, but n ever used anything this small. After trying it out with flux-core I do believe I could convert fairly quick. If the need arises the old red tombstone is still in the shed, ready and willing. No pics yet.
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WOW! I was just on TSC web page today looking at the 115v welders and thinking about starting a thread to get some input from people that really know how to weld. I was looking at the Hobart 210mvp(899.99). It can work on 115v or 240v, sense I don't have a 240 plug but plan to get one some day, I thought this might be the way to go. On the other hand I have herd people say the 115v buzz boxes don't have enough power to do anything substantial and I would be better off waiting till I was set up for 240v. Just a Note, I don't really need a welder, but would like to have one, I know the basics to welding and have some several field repairs but I would not win any awards on my welding skills...:flag_of_truce:
Thanks for starting this thread hope to get some good conversation out of it.:thumbup1gif:
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