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new x300 question

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I just got my x300 w/42 deck on Monday. My property has some hills. This machine does not hold on a hill if you are going up and let off the forward pedal,and if you are coming down the hill and let off the pedal it keeps going forward for awhile. The dealer took it back to the shop for 3 days and brought it back Friday and said they made some linkage adjustments. The tractor is the same as it was before they picked it up. They are saying this is normal. I say it isn't. I had a LT160 for 8 years on this same property and it held on the hills. Need some opinions. If this is how the machine is supposed to work, then I'm taking it back and buying something else. I can't use this for my yard. When I pull it in my shed(which is level) it does not stop when you get off the pedal. Please tell me what is wrong. Sorry for being longwinded on my first post.

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Are you relying on the hydro to hold or does the park brake not hold? The hydro will slow and stop the machine on slight grades, but you should use the park brake whenever you get off of the machine.
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