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New X500 Cold Start

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I recently pursched a new X500 and really like it - miles ahead of my old LT160. My only concern is the rough cold start; hardly wants to run at all - lumpy idle, misses, and is just generally unhappy until it warms up. Is this normal for this engine? It seems to be very cold blooded, but I read nothing but good things about these engines.

I'm using high-test gas treated with StarTon and the engine has less that 5 hours on it.

Opinions are welcome. Thanks in advance.

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While I don't think running an oil that meets JD specs will cause you any warranty issues, I did discuss the "synthetic oil" question with the service manager at my dealer. According to "him", he says that JD does not recommend using synthetic oil in any of the Kawi engines until 50 hours. He says any sooner, and the rings won't be seated, and it will always use oil. However, I've not been able to find that in writing anywhere, and I doubt that JD will answer any of my emails on the subject to confirm.
This myth has been around since synthetic oil was created. Many, many sport cars and bikes come from the factory with synthetic oil and it does not inhibit break in! The combution pressure that is put on the rings forces them into the cross hatch pattern on the cylinder wall and wears the peaks down fairly quickly no matter what oil is used.

I do like the JD oil as its additives and qualities are meant for the type of work our tractors do, but any oil will work, especially if its changed often.
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