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New X500 Cold Start

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I recently pursched a new X500 and really like it - miles ahead of my old LT160. My only concern is the rough cold start; hardly wants to run at all - lumpy idle, misses, and is just generally unhappy until it warms up. Is this normal for this engine? It seems to be very cold blooded, but I read nothing but good things about these engines.

I'm using high-test gas treated with StarTon and the engine has less that 5 hours on it.

Opinions are welcome. Thanks in advance.

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With respect to your engine being cold blooded, I believe that is a trait attributable to all KAWI motors. My X540 has the same issue as does my 15hp Husky with a KAWI motor. FWIW, my Honda 350 Rancher was also a little on the cold blooded side.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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