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New X500 Cold Start

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I recently pursched a new X500 and really like it - miles ahead of my old LT160. My only concern is the rough cold start; hardly wants to run at all - lumpy idle, misses, and is just generally unhappy until it warms up. Is this normal for this engine? It seems to be very cold blooded, but I read nothing but good things about these engines.

I'm using high-test gas treated with StarTon and the engine has less that 5 hours on it.

Opinions are welcome. Thanks in advance.

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i think your fine, the only thing i would say is to when your letting it warm up, keep it at low idle and choke it for 10 seconds after its running.

also what oil did you put into it when you changed it
i know you like running the Penzoil, but i would recommend the John Deere Turf guard Oil. it is specially formulated for small engines, and if there are any problems with your engine the dealer cant say you didnt use john deere oil.

i personally use john deere oil in everything as well as filters, grease, oil, cleaners, etc.

also i would let your tractor run for 3 hours straight and change your oil, get the break in oil out for the winter

Why should one try and get the break-in oil out for the winter? I have only .4 tenths of an hour on mine and parked it for the winter. Should I also just run it for 8 hours to get it out?
just a personal preference, especially if running in the winter
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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