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New ZTR - Z425

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I bought a new Z425 the other day. Well, it was actually used- had 9.9 hours on it. 2015 model and had been stored in a garage and not used since the summer 2015. 48" deck, Power-flow and new 10P cart included. It will certainly take some getting use to. I don't mow a lot of lawn - probably less than 1/2 acre. With my Honda push mower it takes about 20 minutes. With my L130 takes about 15 minutes - I'm down to 10 now. 馃槂

It has the BS engine and in my few minutes of research, it does not get very good reviews. I thought I'd give it a chance anyways- the price was right and it sure is fun!

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NICE! (y)
Nice find but take it easy, these are large consumer grade mowers, not small commercial grade units. Several threads on here about failed hydros, mine went out at 80 hours, full of fluid that looked and smelled fine. There have been a few different powertrain setups over the years but mine's also a '15.

I can mow a bit over an acre in about an hr with mine with the larger deck. I will say fluid filled tires made a big difference in handling.
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