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Newbie from Maryland

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Greetings to all from the great Eastern Shore of Maryland. Looking forward to giving and receiving all there is to know about JD tractors, attachments, and other stuff in general.

Got a set of Ken's bolt on hooks. Ken put them in the mail Thursday got them Friday put them on the next day. Great product and easy to install.

Glad this site is available. Here are some pics of my 2010 JD 3520 and my father with his JD 730.
He is 91, be 92 end of March and in great health.

More pics to come.


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Welcome to DT!

Glad you joined up, those are great pictures!
Yup! We are glad you are here.

Those are great photos, thank you for sharing. Tell us what you use the machines for, we'd love to hear.
Welcome to GTT, and your Dad looks to be in remarkable condition for his early 90's.
Those are great photos, thank you for sharing. Tell us what you use the machines for, we'd love to hear.
Thanks for all the kind welcomes.

My father uses the JD 730 for bushogging around the farm.

We also have a JD 4010 Diesel with a 3510 Bush Hog 10' for mowing fields enrolled in the CREP program.

A JD model "B" with a JD sickle mower for mowing the sides of the farm lanes.

I use the 3520 for the landscaping business and all the work that needs to be done around our place. Rotary Cutting with the Frontier RC 1060, Aerating lawns with the Frontier CA 2060E, Rototilling with the KK II 60" tiller, blade work with the Frontier RB1172, hauling brush with the Construction Attachment Pallet Forks for the FEL. Land Pride 3 pt Spinner Spreader for seeding food plots and fertilizing lawns.

Got all the Frontier attachments at the JD dealer where I got the tractor. Here are some pics of the KK II tiller and Spreader.


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Great pics! Glad you joined up. Nice collection of tractors! :thumbup1gif:

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Welcome to one of the finest websites I've ever been on! Enjoy yourself!
Welcome LHS. Thanks for the pictures. The 730 is my favorite "popper". :thumbup1gif:

Welcome, keep the pictures coming! :thumbup1gif:
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